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The answer to your questions about the PolarCore theme and the PolarCore addons here. Contact us if you dont find your answer.

About PolarCore

What is PolarCore?
PolarCore is a professional theme for Magento, most likely the only one you'll ever need.
Who develop and maintain PolarCore?
One of the most experienced Magento suppliers in the world. The company behind the PolarCore theme is Trollweb Solutions - one of the absolutely first Magento partners (we've been a close partner with Varien/Magento all the way back from 2009). Today Trollweb Solutions is an award-winning Magento Gold Partner in Norway, Sweden and Denmark - with clients who has won many ecommerce awards much thanks to our strong focus on simplicity and UX-optimization in the design of the stores. The company consists of highly experienced Magento developers and designers, with hundreds of successfull, full-range Magento deliveries behind them. The team who develop, design and maintain the PolarCore theme and the PolarCore Addons are all part of this team - who is also working on real Magento deliveries every day - just like you.
Okey, so how professional is your team really?
All our employees working with PolarCore are either Magento Certified Developer Plus or Magento Certified Solutions Specialists. The developers behind the PolarCore Addons have developed several hundred Magento modules, including many official integration modules used by hundreds of Magento stores - handling sales of millions of dollars. We also collaborate with UX- and usability experts to optimize the functionality of the theme - together with continously A/B-testing and user testing. Our 24 employees (per December 2015) has successfully delivered over 500 Magento stores of all sizes, handling planning, design, integrations, custom development, training, support and continously improvements based upon usertests and extensive visitor analysis.
Is the theme a child theme of Base or RWD?
The theme extends RWD directly, so is a child theme of RWD, not Base. If something should be missing from Magento's RWD then the final fallback is automatically Base.
Do you have a live demo without any of the addons?
No, currently the demo features all officially released addons. Although we strongly recommend using most of the addons, we know some would not want them and so we're most likely setting up a separate "light" demostore with no addons in the near future.
How many template files are changed? (i.e how hard is it to do modifications when template files changes in newer versions)
Around 20-30 template-files are overridden of the totally well over 530 that is part of Base, and we work hard to override as few as possible, so this number might even be reduced instead of increased. As soon as new Magento versions are released, the theme (and its overridden template files) are being diff'ed and updated for immediate download (okey, within a few days that is).

Pre-sales and pricing

What does PolarCore cost?
The PolarCore theme costs €99, which includes updates for three months.
What is included with the theme?
Everything is included in the theme, meaning all SCSS-files, the pre-compiled CSS, the neccessary template files and icons/fonts. What is NOT included is a Photoshop PSD of the design, simply because there doesnt exist any. We moved away from working with Photoshop as a design/drafting tool and instead use pure UX/wireframing tools like UXPin. Also the Magento modules - that we call the PolarCore Addons - is NOT included and would eventually needed to be purchased separately or together with the theme upon purchase of the theme.
Why do I want to pay €199 for a Magento theme when I can find good-looking themes for as low as USD $49?
The themes that are designed and sold on such sites have one selling point and that is the visual of it, i.e that it "looks good". In pretty much all themes out there no'one has though about UX-optimization, simplicity in terms of customization, (real) SEO-optimizations (Rich Snippets etc), performance optimization etc. All these topics are fully focused on - and covered - in the PolarCore theme.
What is included in the price?
Everything is included in the theme, meaning all SCSS-files, the pre-compiled CSS, the neccessary template files and icons/fonts.