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The PolarCore theme is being improved and updated every single day. Below is the automated changelog for when new updates with these improvements and fixes are released. z-index issues for mobile and desktop Upgrade to mdl v1.1.3 bulleted list in product tabs if-statement to inside import, fixed some compile-errors in newer gulp-sass for StockStatus module compitability., back to top, additional tab storecode class to body and minor browser fixes styling for products-grid, accountpage improvements for tracking to various parts of the theme to optimize for IE11 old schema markup. This will be replaced by Schema JSON/LD module for more detailed schema data. to KCO styling swatches js bug load translate.js navigation and back to top button table styling Bugfixes for bundle options and forms compression and performance improvements, new vertical-tabs and bugfixes ability to close dropdown menu in header-nav on touch devices some images to the images folder for Labels, support for Quickshop, Vertical tabs on mobile, minor css fixes & tweaks Fix for filter z-index issue for mobile KCO styling old resetpassword handle Reset password compatibility added ( compatibility retained kco-styling quickfix for mdl-checkbox render issue bundle product styling optional clickandcollect-styling, fixed mdl-checkbox bug Safari render bug on filter improvements - removed old javascript libraries Slick to PolarCore as default slider for images and product items. jQuery to 2.2.0 animation to ajax filter this solves also the Safari render bug, SEO improvments for Trollweb KCO-module to bubblelayer and breadcrumbs improvements for cart, mobile-nav, sort-button, filter-icon for collapse/expand on filters, adjustments for iOS (sorting, filter-popup, ajaxcart), added translations for mobile sorting on bubblelayer ajax update toggle on mobile