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PolarCore® - the Magento theme

Finally, the most professional, UX-optimized and beautifully handcrafted Magento theme you'll ever need.


UX-optimized and recommended by experts

Every single element of the theme is continously tested to make sure the theme is 100% UX-optimized. Even the footer and other “non-important” sections are AB-tested on dozens of sites to make sure they work as optimal as possible. We have spent hours and hours analyzing video recordings in Hotjar, we have run physical user tests and we have talked- and discussed with many leading ecommerce / UX-optimization specialists, and they all say the same - PolarCore is the only Magento theme you will ever need.

Built with the best from Google Material Design

In the previous versions of the PolarCore theme we used Zurb Foundation, which gave lots of great features and a rock-solid Grid. However as time went by, we decided to move on and to instead follow Google's footsteps (which doesn tend to be a bad idea) and implemented the theme upon Google Material Design Lite, developed and constantly updated by Google and its contributors.

Built to be customized - and updated

Pretty much all themes out there work so that we get the copy, and then start customizing it to fit our (or our client's) needs. When important updates with bugfixes and new features comes into the theme it is deadly impossible to upgrade it without starting over again. With PolarCore we have of course thought about that, and if you only need to do style changes (i.e no template changes) you can either just customize a "before everything else" SCSS and a "after everything else SCSS" - or simply add the minor bits you want to customize directly in the custom.css, which will always be loaded last.

Yes, there is a great grid included

A grid is a vital part of any framework, and we did quite a lot of research to find the best grid. Being used to the pretty rock-solid Zurb Foundation Grid in our previous Magento themes, we decided to let it go and instead go all-in with Google Material Design's own grid - which is easy to use and does the job like a charm.

750+ Material Design icons included

We have saved you all the work and picked the most optimal Material Design icons for the various functions in the design, but all the hundreds of icons are included and very easily available to swap between, or to add in new custom parts of the design.

Learn more about the Google Material Design icons here - or go to Material Design Icons to download any of the icons - in any format.

Bundled with the Bubble Layer Pro filtering module

We have used most of the filtering modules out there, from Amasty Improved Navigation to free ones, but they all have some issues, being it buggy or 'bloated' (i.e having too many features). After much research and testing we decided to use the Bubble Layer Pro module as our default and recommended filtering module, and with our agreement with Bubbleshop we now bundle the module together with the PolarCore theme - 100% free of charge! The module will be sent together with the theme ZIP.

Completed with the PolarCore Addons

The PolarCore theme itself has no modules "built-in" - just to make it as clean as possible. With that in mind, we have developed (and continously maintains) a limited but highly required set of light-weight Magento modules to give the theme the few extra features to make it stand out perfectly. No bloated modules. We promise. And of course 100% open source and built to be customized to fit your needs (or send us a feature request and we'll most likely add it to the roadmap).